We will be holding our first AGM including elections for committee members on Saturday 5th October 2019 within the Gus Murray Workshop at Engineers House.  If you wish to get involved, please contact nearwestemdr@gmail.com


The FLASH Technique

This is an external event.

NEW! The flash technique has CHANGED. It  has been evolving over the past eight months, and now it is substantially different from what was originally described in the November, 2017 Journal article. Now, it is easier, faster and still as effective.

Also, the FORMAT OF THE WEBINAR HAS CHANGED! Our colleagues in EUROPE and ISRAEL have been asking for a webinar that they could participate in without staying up all night. The new morning format of two 3 hour webinars (July 11 and 12) will make that possible.

As always, if you can not arrange to participate in all or part of the webinar, you can view the video recording and receive ce credit. Now, you can also sign up early and watch the video from the previous webinar before participating in the next live one.

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