EMDR Research News January 2018

You can read about some research on this website.

This is an section from his website.

This month there are 29 new articles to report related to EMDR therapy. 18 articles have links to the open access full text article.

2 are Randomized Controlled Trials

  • EMDR added to Treatment as usual for substance use disorder
  • EMDR compared to CBT to treat low self-esteem in a general psychiatric population

4 are Quasi-experimental Studies

  • EMDR treatment of combat trauma
  • EMDR integrative group protocol with adolescent survivors of the central Italy earthquake
  • EMDR for children with post-traumatic stress disorder from traffic accident
  • Posttraumatic growth after Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy or EMDR therapy

1 is a Qualitative Study

  • EMDR therapy compared to CBT for grief

3 are Case Series reports

  • Use of the flash technique in EMDR therapy
  • CBT combined with EMDR for resistant refractory obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • The use of the “sleeping dogs” method to overcome children’s resistance to EMDR therapy
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