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The FLASH Technique

This is an external event.

NEW! The flash technique has CHANGED. It  has been evolving over the past eight months, and now it is substantially different from what was originally described in the November, 2017 Journal article. Now, it is easier, faster and still as effective.

Also, the FORMAT OF THE WEBINAR HAS CHANGED! Our colleagues in EUROPE and ISRAEL have been asking for a webinar that they could participate in without staying up all night. The new morning format of two 3 hour webinars (July 11 and 12) will make that possible.

As always, if you can not arrange to participate in all or part of the webinar, you can view the video recording and receive ce credit. Now, you can also sign up early and watch the video from the previous webinar before participating in the next live one.

Read more on there website
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Wales region holds an event

G-TEP and R-TEP training.

This is an external event, Please arrange booking direct.

I am seeking expressions of interest* from TRN members to attend EMDR
G-TEP and R-TEP training facilitated by Psychologist & EMDR Europe Consultant, Elan Shapiro

With very little notice for an amazing offer to bring some EMDR training to Wales..

*I am in the process of securing a Conference room in Porthcawl .. the dates Elan could do this (subject to enough interest) would be Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July.

Elan has offered to do the training pro-bono (£50 would be the cost to you for two days .. for manuals, certificates etc .. )

If you genuinely could make this : please reply YES with a contact number and name. Alternatively, if you know anyone who would be interested, please ask them to text Sharyn on 07923592059 with YES & their contact number and name.

We need to do this hastily so I can secure the venue & Elan. A response by 3rd July would be appreciated😁

Bringing training to Wales! A rare and exciting prospect.

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